How it all began                                                                                 I started calling turkeys around the age of 9 when my Grandpa (who lived beside us) had a gobbler and hen in his chicken pen. He was looking after these thunder chickens for a neighbor we had that lived down the dirt road where I grew up. I remember it like it was yesterday, I walked outside on Pa's front porch one cool, crisp, spring morning and I heard a sound that would forever change my life. You probably guessed it yep it was that beautiful sound of a gobbler. Yall know the one I'm talking about, the sound of a long beard waking everything else up in the woods. I was 100% mesmerized by every sound those turkeys made, I would listen to them all day sometimes. One day my Grandpa told me I could make a gobbler (in his words) talk to me all I had to do is talk to him real sweet first. I tell you what I saved every penny, nickel, and dime I found between the sofa cushions and store parking lot and I bought my very first diaphragm mouth call for $1.19. I will admit it took some getting used to but I finally got to where I could make a sound and with time I got to where I could make the sound of a turkey hen. My grandpa told me when you make that gobbler get out of that pen by just calling to him you'll be ready. After about a month, a lot of trying and a lot of failing I finally made that gobbler root out of that pen and I've been calling turkeys every since. Years down the road when I was about 17 or so I found myself wanting to go turkey hunting but had no call nor enough money to buy a call because they had went up considerably by this time so I reached deep inside my redneck nature and thought of a way to make me a turkey call. I found a Bush's Baked Beans can for the aluminum frame that held my reeds which was a latex glove and wrapped it in surgical tape, after a few failed attempts I finally had a call I could go hunting with. Who would have ever guessed I would have actually called a turkey in that morning. After that I knew I had a gift so now I try to make custom calls that everyone can afford consisting of walnut and cherry slate calls  and soon to come duck calls. I thank GOD everyday for turkeys and the gift of being able to bring them close so I could Smoke Em'.  Remember God, Family, Turkeys and in that order.